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What is that little red bug? Is it a spider? An Ant? -West Bloomfield MI

Do you have little red bugs all over your side walk? Or on the side of your house? If you do, you could possibly have Clover Mites.

What are Clover Mites?CloverMite

Clover mites are not insects but are in fact a relative of spiders and ticks, which makes them an arachnid. They are very small and are red to a reddish brown. They leave red stains when crushed, this is not blood but just their coloration. Clover mites are easily recognized from other mites that may be around your home by that their front legs are as long as their bodies.

Clover mites feed on grasses, clovers and other plants. Mainly they feed by sucking juice from various plants. They can be found large numbers in newly established lawns and in old lawns where there is a heavy growth of succulent, well fertilized grass. They also can live off of algae and mold.

Clover mites live close to their food sources.  Typical places that they are found are under the loose bark of trees, on foundation walls, beneath siding and around window frames. During the spring, large numbers of Clover mites migrate inside homes due to recent mulching and the beginning of high temperatures. They often crawl into cracks and crevices to molt and lay eggs. Clover Mites are most bothersome during the late spring/early summer and in early fall. On cooler days they migrate to warmer areas, such as the side of your home that is facing the sun.

Clover mites will not harm you or your pets, or cause any damage to your home or structure. They will not bite or sting. They are mainly just a nuisance on the outside, and even when they get inside your home. They can sometimes cause significant damage to your lawn, if left untreated.

So what is the next step after determining what clover mites are??

First thing Call Sergio’s and talk to one of the knowledgeable office staff to set up an appointment for a technician to come out. The expert technician will come out inspect your home, and will go over any recommendations and treatment plans. SO GIVE US A CALL TODAY!!! (248) 932-0018


Call Sergio' s Today! (248) 932-0018

Call Sergio’ s Today! (248) 932-0018