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Don’t let the Holidays BUG you!

It is officially Winter here in the Mitten, snow days on the West Side of the State, a couple of inches of  snow for us in Oakland County. THANKSGIVING is NEXT week!!! If you haven’t already it is time to start thinking about the upcoming Holiday Season. If you have been living under a rock the last couple of weeks and don’t already know the local radio stations have been playing Christmas music for a while now!! Stores are decked out in green and red Holiday decorations and of course are offering discounted deals. If you are going to put up decorations in and around your house it is probably a good time to start thinking about it. But first thing first TURKEY DAY is just a few days away.

Thanksgiving-images Because Thanksgiving is a day of family gatherings and giving thanks for what we usually spend many hours making preparations to make it perfect for our families. The Holiday season is stressful enough and after spending countless hours preparing a menu and going to the grocery store, you have discovered you have PESTS!!!!!! You go into the basement  to get your decorations, after moving boxes around you find the dreaded mouse droppings! Why are they there? Where did they come from? How did you get them? How long have they been there? Why now?? These are all the questions that are running through your head. Luckily you still have a week before your family comes over you can solve this, no problem. You go back upstairs with your box of Christmas sweaters and…..What is that flying around? Is that a moth? Where did that come from? Are those ants crawling around on the kitchen floor???? Is that a spider in the corner? It is cold outside why I am still seeing bugs in the house????

mouseIt is cold outside, mice and insects want to be warm too, so sometimes they end up coming into your home for the winter. If your home isn’t sealed up properly on on the outside  mice can get in. Did you know that mice can fit into a hole the size of a dime? Slab ants can also be a common pest during the cold months. If your house is on a slab it is likely that you have or will one day have an ant problem in that part of your house. Slab ants usually will make their nests in areas where there are slabs and then will come up through the cracks in your floors when it is cold outside or if they find a food or water source. If you find spiders in the winter, it is most likely just a typical house spider. They do not come in from the outside, most likely they have already been hiding in House spideryour home for a while, as they usually get in by traveling on building materials or furniture. Did you know that generally only 5% of the spiders you find in your home have ever actually been outside?

If you have any of these issues don’t let them ruin your Holidays.  One mouse isn’t horrible, but most likely if you have one mouse you have more. Mouse excrement can be dangerous if not handled properly as it can carry viruses that are harmful to people. The ants can get into your food or just be a nuisance. The house spiders are not harmful, usually just a nuisance.

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Sergio’s Staff wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!! Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or problems!!