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Sergio’s Stinging Insect Program 2013 -West Bloomfield MI

Sign UP TODAY for our Stinging Insects Program & Save 25% With “Early Bee” Special Pricing!


Eliminate Stinging Insect Nests

SAVE 25%

Stinging Insect Program

-Bee & Paper Wasp Nests -Bald Faced Hornet Nests -European Hornet Nests -Yellow Jacket Nests

This is the most comprehensive stinging insect treatment available!

-Tall extension ladders used -All exposed nests removed -Guaranteed for the season

  • The First Application is performed in April to early May-this treatment eliminates emerging wasps or other stinging insects that are trying to establish new nests in and around your home.
  • The Second Application is performed in June to early July-this follow up treatment eliminates any remaining wasps or other stinging insect nests in and around your home.

We THOROUGHLY inspect eaves, overhangs and shutters, behind wood siding and light fixtures, wooden decks, deck rails, and fencing, barbeque, patio furniture and umbrellas, children’s play structures and swimming pool areas, mail boxes and basketball hoops.

Complete Stinging Insect Treatment

Protect your HOME & FAMILY PLUS Save 25%

Guaranteed for the season!!!!

Price based on size of home. (Program includes treatment of home on lot sizes up to 1 acre)

Call Sergio’s today to get a quote! (248) 932-0018

Call Sergio' s Today! (248) 932-0018

Call Sergio’ s Today! (248) 932-0018