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Rodent Facts-Birmingham, MI
  • It is estimated that 50,000 people each year are bitten by rodents in the United States.
  • Rodents can range in size from very small to very large and vary in color, but they all have a long pair of upper and lower incisor teeth that are rootless and never stop growing.
  • Most home invasions by rodents occur in the fall because the seeds and plants on which rodents feed outside become scarce. Rodents are also prevalent in the spring when there is mild weather and after heavy precipitation.
  • Rodents are strong survivors and significant pests because they are highly adaptable and they will eat almost anything.MOUSE
  • Rodents are a strong source of embarrassment and discomfort for people.
  • Rodents can carry diseases like HPS and the Hantavirus, which can target the lungs and cause pulmonary problems. The best prevention is to ensure that people don’t come into contact with rodents or their droppings.
  • Feces are one of the main threats posed by rats and mice because they are a source of disease.
  • Rats can produce about 40-50 faecal pellets and deposit about 14 mm of urine per day.
  • Mice produce 40-100 faecal pellets and deposit hundreds of drops of urine each day.
  • Presence of rodents reduces the rental value of apartment and stores. The noise they make as they climb, gnaw and fight between walls and floors of buildings often keep inhabitants from sleeping. Rodents can damage food and property estimated at 1 billion dollars per year. Rodents can damage electrical wiring, causing short circuits and fires.
  • Your Sergio’s Pest Control technician has the tools to monitor your home and yard to ensure that any nesting rodent population is detected and eradicated at the earliest possible intrusion. Their safe and careful handling of rodent evidence keeps these animals away from you and your family. Good sanitation is essential for long term control. The control of rodents can be widely varied, depending on the individual situation. It may range from physically altering the conditions allowing the infestation, such as covering holes, filling cracks, etc. to baiting or trapping.
  • A trained Sergio’s technician will determine the best means of control for each customer.

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