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10 Great Promises you will receive from Sergio’s Pest Control. -West Bloomfield, MI

1. Three Clear Guarantees

You are going to live in a pest free home, we will retreat your home for free as many times as it takes, and you get a money back guarantee.

2. We show up and show up on time.

Chances are, if you called 3 companies for bids, one company did not show up and the other company showed up late. Am I right? (And none did a thorough pest-control inspection like us) You can expect timeliness when we come to serve you. I make sure my techs are on time, all the time. You don’t have to wait all day. I do this using cell phones and global positioning satellites in each truck. I know exactly where each truck is all the time and exactly how long it has been there. Heck, I even know how fast each truck is driving down the streets.

3. Your home is in the hands of skilled technicians, licensed and permanent employees.

No temps, no novices, no sub-contractors, minimum 5 years experience each, all employees are current on the rigorous testing provided by myself (far in excess of industry standards).

4. No weak off brand pesticides—no watering down—no waste.

Top quality products used at full strength, mixed exactly to specification, applied in the right quantity… neither too little to be effective, nor too much to risk health hazards.

5. All pests present will be killed immediately

All pests present will be killed immediately with precisely calculated amounts of pest control materials

6. Your home and every home treated precisely.

Your home and every home treated precisely, with no errors, due to our 57-point service checklist followed on every job.

7. Your plants and trees

Your plants and trees both in your home and outside near your home are inspected and cared for systematically.

8. No need to vacate your home or remove your dishes from your cabinets

No need to vacate your home or remove your dishes from your cabinets… fast and smooth technicians who serve you with a systematic approach that makes sure we never make a mistake.

9. We give you more service

We give you more service….some other companies service yearly, others twice per year, and that won’t do. I service every 3 months. I give you four services with a yearly guarantee for less than others are quoting you.

10. No smell

No smell, pest-free living WITHOUT ANY HASSLES!

Anthony DeGennaro, Owner.








Call Sergio' s Today! (248) 932-0018

Call Sergio’ s Today! (248) 932-0018